How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

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the days of Printer connected with long Ethernet cables from router is long gone. printer and Wi-Fi technology is improved and days of better printing is here. in this article you will learn how to connect brother printer to wireless network. these methods will work regardless of Wi-Fi device such as Router/extender or access point.

Required Information for Connection

in order to Connect brother printer to WIFI you would require some of the information and things first hand so please gather it before moving forward-

  • Network name (SSID )
  • Network Key (Wifi Password ) known as Encryption key
  • Working Router/Extender or Access Point
  • Brother Printer with wifi capabilities

Now if you don’t have the wifi password use the default ip address to access the router/extender dashboard. use default username and password to access the dashboard. you can also look at the back of router/extender for default details. Now lets get back on the topic.

Note – Most brother printer models will

Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

there are multiple methods of connecting brother printer to wireless network but we will try the most used and easy method. please make sure you have unboxed the printer and configured the wireless printer. please follow the steps till last to configure brother printer to wireless network.

  • Place the Printer with in the range of wireless network
place printer in wifi range
  • Plug the brother printer to power outlet and turn it on
Plug the Printer
  • Go to the Printer control panel and press the menu key
press menu key
  • use the up and down navigation key to go to network and press ok
find network
  • select setup Wizard and hit Ok
brother printer setup wizard
  • Turn on the WLAN Enable and Set it to Yes
Enable WLan
  • Now the Printer will search the available network around the wireless printer
search SSID
  • select your Network name (SSID) and press Ok
Choose network name
  • in next step Type the wifi password and then press ok
enter network key
  • apply WLAN Setting will apper on display please select yes and press ok
apply settings
  • now the printer will check the details and connect with wifi

Congratulation this is how you connect brother printer to WIFI. if you need to install the brother printer please refer to the brother printer wifi setup section and get the clear step by step method on how to download the brother printer driver and install it.

there is a another quick and easy way called wps push method to connect brother wireless printer to router or extender.

WPS Push Method to Connect Brother Printer to Wireless

these days almost every wifi router and range extender come with WPS Key. please follow the steps carefully while doing the process.

Press WPS Key
  • Place the Printer with in tha range of wifi network
  • restart the printer let it load the settings
  • Go to Your Router or Extender and press the WPS Key on for 5 seconds
  • Then Go back to printer and press the wifi button and hold it for next 5-10 seconds
press WIFI key
  • when the connection will be established the wifi indicator will turn solid Blue on the printer .

Now any device such as computer and smartphones will be able to print from printer using the wireless connection.

WPS Pin Method to Setup Brother Printer to Wifi

the wps pin method is bit tricky however it will help you get the work done. you need few details upfront in order to connect brother printer with wifi using wps pin method. details such as –

  1. Your router must be an wps Enable Router that support WPS Pin method
  2. default router details such as default ip aaddress or web address to access the portal
  3. Router admin username and password

Now if you have all these details please follow the steps carefully –

  • Plug the Printer to power Cord and turn it on
  • make sure the wifi router or extender is on and working
  • Press the menu key on the printer and use the up and down navigation key to select network then press ok
  • use the navigation keys again and select WLAN then click ok
Brother Printer WLan Options
  • use the navigation again and select WPS w/PIN Code. then press ok
Brother WPS Pin Code
  • Now the screen will pop up 8 digit pin for you to insert into router dashboard to connect the printer with router. Please take a picture of this pin or write it down on the paper cause you would need it. this pin will be active for next 5 minutes so go to your router dashboard and choose wps method
brother printer wps pin
  • Input this 8 digit pin and your brother printer will be connected to the router.
  • After the connection is established you can go to your computer and add the printer to your devices and start printing with it.

we hope all of these methods would help you connect brother printer to wifi. please contact our team for any further help or leave a comment as feedback.

Thanks a lot for reading the post. Good luck

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