How to Fix Error E225 in canon printer?

Error E225 is very common in Canon printers. In this post, we will explain the reason behind the E225 error, and methods to resolve error E225. in our last post we have explained how to fix canon Printer in an error state using simple methods.

What is error E225 in the Canon printer?

The error E225 comes because of Contact Image Sensor (CIS) lamp fault. CIS lamp comes in the color of white, red, green, and blue. You can see that lamp when you turn on the printer. If it fails to show, then better to replace its CIS unit.

How the error E225 occurs in the Canon Printer?

If you get this error in your PC then consider that there is a fault in your system operation. If you are wrongly installed or uninstalled the software, at that time it occurs. There may be a chance of invalid entries in the Windows registry. The main reason for this is that it happens because of improper or force shutdown in a hurry or sometimes because of power failure.

Fix error E225 in Canon Printer

With the help of a repair tool, you can scan any computer or laptop with the windows. For that, you have to download the repair tool and you can get from its websites and avoid the error E225 in your canon printer system. It will help you in finding the hidden malicious file from your computer. If you are finding ways to resolve the error E225 in the Canon printer, then you are in the right place. Follow the easy steps below to fix error E225.

Step 1: First of all, Power off your Canon Printer once by pressing on the power button. After 10 minutes switch it on again. If it still shows the error then you should keep continuing with these methods to fix it.

Step 2: Before heading to the next process, make sure you download the repair tool, and better to save the file on the desktop so that you will get it easily. Otherwise, you have to find it where you have saved the file. to download the file just use or to download the software.

Step 3: After the download gets completed the repair tool will navigate the location of the file and after that double click to open it. Later on, the system will start the installation process. After that, you will get the User Account Control where you can run the program. To run the program you have to click on the yes button to continue.

Step 4: Later on, after running the program, you will get to see the welcome screen as the initial screen of the launch of this program. The next thing is the repair tool will scan automatically. After that click on the install button for the installation process.

Step 5: In this step, your tool will automatically get installed and the necessary updates will get downloaded. But before all that, make sure you have a better connection with the internet so that it will not get interrupted in the middle.

Step 6: You do not have to do anything in this step also, because the repair tool will scan your overall machine automatically and it will not take much time.

Step 7: After the scanning process gets completed, you will get to know about all areas of the PC which are got damaged with the help of a repair tool. You will also get to know their repair is required or not. If any of the areas of the PC requires the repairing process, then click on the start button of the display which will be in the right corner of the bottom.

Step 8: Once you complete your process and get done by it, the repair will get fixed. All you need to do is restart your computer to finally complete this process. There is a hundred percent chance of getting resolved this system error E225 of canon printer.

So these are all the easy steps you can follow to resolve the system error e225 in your canon printer. I hope this will work for your printer. If in case, it still shows the same error then you can reset canon Printer or simply contact to support department of the canon printer to get this error fixed for you. You can find solutions for any kind of error from Support departments only by calling them as they will be available for 24/7.

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