canon error B203

How to Fix Canon Error B203?

Are You unable to Print Using Canon Printer Because of An Error? Upon Trying To Print Using Canon Printer Do You See Canon Error B203 saying to turn off the printer and contact the service center? If Yes then this Post is Just the Thing You need. because we are Presenting You With a complete Guide on How to fix Canon Error B203.

What is Error B203?

Error B203 in Canon Error Indicates Internal Hardware Failure However Software Could also be a factor Behind the Problem Specific Reason for the error B203 is Unclear. Although Based On The Experience of Many of Our Techies & Customers we have compiled a list of the Probable Cause Behind the Error B203 in Canon Printer. 

  1. Damaged Or Clogged Printhead Or Ink cartridge.
  2. Latest Firmware Update Or Corrupted Canon Driver
  3. Voltage Or Temperature Is High Or Fluctuating
  4. Wrong Printhead Alignment  Or Not Properly Seated Cartridge 
  5. Empty Ink Cartridge Or incorrect Installation
  6. Paper Jam Or Foreign Debris Stuck Inside the Printer

Note – As we Are Familiar With the Problem Now We Have Provided a Similar Fix For Canon Error B200 In Our Previous Post & it Seems That This Post May also be Helpful to Contribute While Fixing Error B203. Many Canon Users Who Quit On their Printer Should Always Read this Post Before Deciding For a New Printer Or Repair. This Post might be the Best thing You Get on the Internet Today. Please Read it Till Last & Fix Your Printer Without Any Costly Repair Or Buying a New Printer.

Now That We Have Crossed the Part where You understand the Problem Be advised that Knowing the Problem Only Gets half of the job Done So Now its time for Us to Move towards a Solution. 

Pro Tip – Always Start With Basic Troubleshooting While dealing with Technical Devices Such as computers, router, Printer, etc. Please Choose to Reset canon printer to default settings & start over.

Fix Canon Support code B203 

If you have been reading Our Other Post you may have Noticed that Performing power cycle & cleaning the Printer Has always been Our Basic Troubleshooting & Trust me Half of the Time it Works. So Let’s Begin 

  1. Turn off the Canon Printer & disconnect the Power Cable From the Source.
turn off printer
disconnect printer
remove paper from canon
  • Remove the Printer Cover carefully & Press the Key at the top of the cartridge carried to take out the ink cartridges gently. 
remove ink cartridges
  • Replace Any Empty Ink Cartridges & Always Buy Good Quality of Ink Cartridge.
  • Use a Cotton ball or Microfiber cloth Soaked in Alcohol Or Neutral Detergent to Carefully Clean the Printhead & ink cartridge. 
clean Canon Print head
  • You Can Use Hot Air Dry It OR Leave it in Sun Light for 20-30 Minutes to get Dry Or Try Using a Cotton cloth to dry it Out.
  • While Printhead & Ink Cartridge is Out of the Printer carefully Examine & Remove Any Dust, paper Jam, clip Or Any Debris Causing the error. 
  • Try Moving the Print Carriage to The Left & Make Sure Nothing is blocking the way However Don’t Apply to Force if It’s Stuck  
  • Now Plug everything back Together & Make Sure Printhead alignment is Correct. 

See if this May Error B203 Go Away. Now if you have Gotten into this Printer Error Right After a Firmware Update then You Should have a Different Approach to the Problem. The Next Steps Would Also Help You Fix Wrongful installation/Incorrect Driver Issues as well. So Stay Tuned-

Remove/Reinstall Canon Driver

  • Go to Your Computer Installed Program List & Uninstall the Canon Printer Driver Or Use Any Third Party Uninstaller to completely remove the canon Driver.
  • Restart the Computer & Go to Settings>Devices>Printer & Scanner & select Your Printer. Please Remove it From the List. 
  • Restart the computer One More Time & Go to the Official Canon Website & download the correct version of the Software. Run the application as Administrator & Setup the Canon Printer as a Brand New printer With Latest Software from scratch. Hope it Works to clear Out Error B203 Because if Not then the Next Tip is Unusual- 
  • if you need any help connecting canon to mac computer please do contact us.

Scan Using Canon Scan Utility 

While Downloading the Printer Driver From canon Website if you have downloaded & Installed the Canon Scan Utility Then Its Great OtherWise go to the official Canon Website & download the canon Scan Utility & install it. 

Once installed Open the canon Scan Utility & try to scan a document With Scanner Glass Or With the  Paper Feed Tray. Click on start scan to Begin the scanning. If you encounter the error B203 Or Any Other Canon Error Please Click on Fix Now 

Let the canon Utility Perform a checkup & Auto Troubleshooting of the Problem In the Meantime Lets Move to Another Important Set of Tips to Fix Canon error B203. 

Perform a checkup

  • Restart the Printer Once in While & Plug it With the Legitimate Power Source.
  • Run a full antivirus scan of the computer & Printer files & Remove any junk Or Malware attached to it.
  • Do Not Overheat Or Overload the Printer With Lot of Print Jobs. Use the Printer According to Its capacity.
  • Always Refill the Ink cartridge on time to Avoid any errors 
  • Perform a Deep cleaning of Printhead 
  • If None of the Tips Worked For You then Maybe it’s time for you to Contact Canon Customer Helpline Or Buy a New Canon Printer.

If you have Any Query Related Any Other Canon Error Or You Need Help With Canon Printer Setup Just contact us & We Will Answer the Question ASAP. 

Thanks for Reading Do Share Our Post if it was helpful to You. Thank you for taking time to read the post. Good luck 

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