How to Fix Canon Error E31?

There are many issues that can get your canon Printer into error E31. Today in this post we are going to help you Understand & fix Canon error e31.

What is Canon error E31?

This error is Mostly an indicator of a failed wireless setup. It’s Common to have Glitches and errors while connecting devices using wireless.

Steps by the technical experts of the Canon printer

  1. First of all, tap the black button on the Canon printer.
  2. If you have set up the WPS connection newly, then make sure to inspect the security setting again and start the setup again. 
  3. After all, check its IP address and the connection whether it is working properly or not. 
  4. The main thing is to keep its IP address very simple.

get complete guide on how to connect canon printer to wifi router.

Setup WPS connection in Canon Printer

  • The error of E31 mainly occurs when the printer fails to connect with the wireless connection. So, to set up the WPS connection, firstly make sure that you have turned on the printer. 
  • Tap and hold the Wifi button for at least 30 seconds which will be on the top of the printer. Release it once the alarm lamp flashes out. 
  • Then look at the lamp next to the button, it should be blue in color, or else you cannot access the point. If it appears a blue color, then click on the button just for 2 minutes. you can also connect canon printer to mac laptop using different methods.

Make sure to check the wire connection

Before going to the further steps, if you are using the wire in your printer then always make sure you have inserted the wires properly. Sometimes, the connectivity of the computer occurs from the cable. If your printer is unable t turn on, then the issue with being the cable. So always inspect the cable connectivity to the computer and printer. Both computers and printers should be kept at a small distance so that there should not be an issue with the cable reaching the computer. If
the error is showing, then you should power off the printer and try to reconnect the cable, and then start. If the cable is broken then replace it with a new one.

Make sure to check the wireless connection

Anyways, if you are using the wireless printer, then make sure that you have connected properly. Still to clear the doubts, just change the ID and passwords and re-connect the Canon printer. Always look into the printer’s wireless connection whether it is turned on or not. Most of the printers have a button where you can see the blue wireless icon when the printer avails
the wireless feature. you can reset canon printer to default settings & get started from the start. For any further information, you can anyways contact the customer service which will be available 24/7.

Update the driver

Sometimes the error E31 in the Canon printer can occur from the drive as well. You have to check often whether the driver is outdated. It might occur because of the outdated version of the Canon printer. So if you find this issue, then quickly update by going to ij.start.cannon to download the canon driver, or else you can call support to resolve the error E31.

Troubleshoot the Canon printer

Troubleshooting can fix the multiple problems of any printer. It also helps in working smoothly and can get the best experience in just 2 minutes. So below are the steps to troubleshoot the error E31 in the Canon printer. read more on how to fix the canon b200 error in the printer.

Step 1

First of all, plug the power cord into the socket. And check all the wires, cables and USBs are connected properly with the printer.

Step 2

The second step is you restart your computer and try connecting to the printer. Make sure that your printer is properly recognized by the system that is connected to it.

Step 3

Afterward, click on the start button on the computer and search for Control Panel. Then click on it and you can see the options of Printers and Faxes, just click on it.

Step 4

If the Canon printer is not appearing on it, then click on the Add printer option to add your printer to the system.

Step 5

Try uninstalling the Canon printer software that came up with the printer and reinstall the software. When you download it, then you will get the latest version of the software.

Step 6

Later on, open the software and click on the properties or options. You can find their test alignment button, just click on it or else you can clean the print head thoroughly.

Step 7

Let the printer finish its alignment and then try to print. It will make your printer work. If it still fails to work and connect, then better to contact for support. if the error still persists & if the Canon printer is still in an error state then Your problem will definitely get solved by the technical experts.

So, these are the following steps to resolve the error E31 on the Canon printer. From all these methods, troubleshooting can help you in any kind of errors and problems you will face on printers while using. If any of these steps don’t work, then you can call support to get the error E31 resolved. They will give the best possible assistance to get fixed.

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