How to fix canon scanner error code 5 156 61?

Error 5,156,61 is quite common with Canon Printers. We believe that you too must have encountered this error. If yes, then we are sharing the step by step method to resolve error 51566

Error 5,156,61 occurs usually when you try to scan any document, then the error message displays “the scanner is turned off or the USB cable is disconnected”. But you can easily resolve this error by easy solutions.

Fix Canon Error 5 145 61

Remove the connection of USB with available extension

Step 1: First of all, to fix the scanner issue, make sure you have unplugged the printer’s USB cable. It is advised that you should remove USB Hub or any extension if it is using currently in printer. It is better to remove the power cord from the wall socket and reconnect it.

Step 2: Afterward, connect your printer directly into your computer preferably directing the ports to the motherboard

Try using another cable

Step 1: First, carefully look at your printer’s USB cable whether it has any visible problems, any imperfections, any oxidation faults, or it is extended more than normal.

Step 2: Check whether you can use this USB cable in any other printer just for confirmation.

Step 3: After checking also, if you find that it is not functioning properly then you need to change the USB cable.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver

Step 1: You should uninstall all drivers of printers

Step 2: And then you are required to disconnect the power source wire.

Step 3: You are required to download all of those printer drivers which are very much compatible with the printer.

Step 4: After all, install the new drivers for the Canon printer. go to to download canon drivers & setup it.

Changes to do internally in computer

  • Click on the start button, and search for the control panel, and click on it.
  • There you will see Devices & Printers, just tap on it.
  • Remove the thing that is related to Canon including fax. You just have to highlight it and click on “Remove Device”.
  • Another thing that you have to also remove all Canon printer ports from going to the printer server settings which you can get under the ports tab. Remove any Canon entries by simply scrolling till the down.
  • Open the Windows file explorer or else you can go to the “Computer” icon. You have to search for traces of Canon entries if any leftover.
  • Once you find that all of the traces have been removed successfully, and then restart your computer. Don’t try to plug in the scanner with the help of USB.
  • After restarting your computer, open the web browser and head to the Canon official website, and from there download the correct printer or scanner driver software that will be comfortable with your printer. Later on, simply install it.
  • Always make sure you download the correct software for your printer.
  • Make sure you follow all the given instructions properly to install the printer and even sometimes it will ask for switching on the printer and similarly to connect it. Check now! It might work properly now without showing the error

So, these are the following steps that you can try to resolve the error 5,156,61 in your Canon printer. It will hopefully work on your system. But in case, after using these methods your printer is still showing the same issue, then we would recommend you to contact support department of the Canon printer. They will clear all types of problems you get in your Canon printer.

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