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How to Clean Printhead of Canon Printer?

A dirt-stained or Clogged PrintHead Can be the reason behind Multiple Errors & Problems With the canon Printer. if you check Our Guides you may find that 60% of our Guides Mention & Recommend cleaning Printhead in many errors & Printing Troubles.

The printhead is a Key Component of Printers’ Containing Nozzles & electric Circuits. The printhead is Responsible for Printing, spraying & managing the ink on the one-word Printhead is the soul of any inkjet Printer. This Post Would be a Perfect Guide for You to Help Clean canon Printhead Using Various Methods. 

Clean Canon Printhead

Before We Jump on How to Clean Canon Printer Printhead Let’s Get to Know Why Do We Need to Clean the Canon Printhead & How Often We Need to Do it?

For a Better Printing experience, You should Clean your Printer Along With Printhead every once in While because of overtime Dirt in the atmosphere Or Ink Spray of Waste Ink May Block the Print Head Nozzle or Interfere With a Programmable Electrical Circuit of the Printhead. this may Result in Your Printer Printing Blank Paper or Some Other Error Causing Hurdle Printer to Print Any Document. There are Mostly Two Methods to Clean the Printhead For Example – 

  • Soft Cleaning Printhead 
  • Manually Cleaning Printhead

Anyone Having Full Ink Absorber Issue Should Go to Learn How to Fix Canon Error 5B00

Check out Both Option One By One to Clean Canon Printhead. To Perform Soft cleaning of the Printer You Canon Printer Must be Configured & Properly Configured With Computer. Now Lets Try Steps First Using Windows Computer. 

For Windows Computers

Pro Tip – Always Perform a Nozzle Check if You Find the Option Under maintenance.

  • Turn On the Printer & Insert Small Quantity of Paper & Insert the cartridges to be print-ready even When you have an error or problem.
  • Click on the Left of screen Side on  Windows Key & Go to Control Panel>Devices & Printers
  • Select Your Canon Printer & Right Click On it & go to the Properties 
  • Under the Properties Click On Maintenance Or Hardware Option 
canon printer troubleshooting

In Different Models & series of canon Printer the Location of Cleaning Option Maybe different. You may  Find Cleaning Option Under Printer Preference Or More Options Or Tools from the displayed Windows.

canon printer preference
  • Under the cleaning Option, you may See a Couple of Options such as – 
  1. Align Printhead Or Ink Cartridges 
  2. Clean Ink Cartridge Or Clean Printhead
  3. Clean the Printer (Deep Cleaning)

For any time you feel the issue is with the software Please Reset canon printer to default settings & get it working.

  • Use these Options One by one to Clean the Printer Using Printer Maintenance Option It Self. Follow the OnScreen Instructions to Get it Cleaned. Print a Test Page to Check Quality & Improvements.

For Mac Computers

  • Make sure Mac is Configured With  the Printer Regardless or Wired Or Wireless & Keep the Printer Print-ready 
  • Click on the Apple Logo at the top left of your mac computer & go to system Preference 
  • Go to Printers & scanner & Select Your Current canon Printer Which you Wish to clean 
option & supplies
  • Under that Printer go to Option & Supplies > Utility>Open Printer Utility
printer utility
  • Now the Next Box may Show up with many cleaning & Maintenance Options for You to Get Your Printer cleaned. 
  • Perform the Printhead & Cartridge Cleaning  Together to maximize the Performance & Quality of Printing. Select the Cleaning Options according & Follow the Onscreen Maintenance Tips to Get it cleaned.  Print a Test Page 

Manual Cleaning Canon Printhead

This is a Hardware way of you cleaning the Printhead Manually. Before we Begin explaining it Please gather the supplies We Would Need for Cleanup – 

  1. 1-2 Liter of Warm Water 
  2. A Pot of Bowl that can contain water along with Printhead
  3. Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Or Neutral Detergent 
  • Turn off the Canon Printer & disconnect it from Power Cord
  • Open the Printer Cover take & carefully Press the Liver to take out the Ink Cartridges & Later Gently Eject the Printhead From the Carriage
clean canon printhead
  • Pour the Warm Water into Bowl & Mix it With Pure Isopropyl Water Or Neutral Detergent & mix it well.
  • Place the Printhead Into this Mixture With Warm Water & leave it there for 3-4 Minutes
  • You Can Also Place Ink Cartridges into the same water & Get it cleaned.
  • Just shake the water & Gently Empty the water out of the bowl.
  • Pour the Cleaner Warm Water in Bowl again With Alcohol & wash it up one more time 

Take the Printhead Out of the Water & Use a Clean Paper towel Or Cotton Cloth to Dry it Out. 

Make sure No Water is Left on the Printhead on Cartridge & Use a Hot Air Dryer Or Sunlight to Clear Any Moisture Out of these components.

 Now Go Back to Your Printer & Assemble all the components Carefully & Get your Printer Print-ready. Perform a Test Print to make sure its Working & Print Quality Has been Improved.

this should help you clean canon printhead. comment Below & do let us know if you need any other help Fixing any Problem with your Printer. Our Exper Moderator & closed community member May get you the Help Asap.

Thank you for the time & Good luck.

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