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How to Fix Canon Support Code 5100?

How to Fix Canon Support Code 5100?

While Printing Did You Get an Error 5100 In Canon Printer? Don’t worry This is Post is just about all you need to Fix the Problem. In This easy Guide, we will walk you through Clear Steps to Understand & Fix Canon error 5100.
You May Find LED light Flashes 2 Times and displays error On Computer Screen: “Error 5100 A Printer error has occurred

What is Canon Error 5100?

Most of the Time Error 5100 in canon Printer Indicates Hardware Problem Mostly Cartridge Problem But Wrongful installation Or Corrupted Driver Can Also Cause the Same Error & interrupt the Printing With Canon Printer. To Make You Problem More Understandable Lets List out All Possible Reasons that may cause the Canon Printer to Send Out Error 5100.

  • Dusty, Faulty, Dry, Or Non Compatible ink Cartridges 
  • Full Ink ink absorber pad
  • Paper Jam Or stuck Foreign debris/Object 
  • Dusty Timing Film (Plastic Strip)
  • Wrongful Installation Or Corrupted Canon Driver 

Now That We Know What Could Be the Reason Behind Canon error 5100 It’s Time We start Troubleshooting the Problem & Let’s Start With the Basic Troubleshooting With Power Cycle. you can always Reset the canon Printer whenever you see things are not working.

Troubleshooting Canon Error 5100

Fix Canon error 5100
  • Turn Off the canon Printer & disconnect the Power Cord From the Source.
  • Open the Printer Cover & Gently Take Out Ink Cartridge.
  • Carefully Clean the Ink Cartridge & make Sure the Cartridge is Not Empty
  • Remove Paper Jam Or Take Out Any Debris Inside the Printer.
  • Use a Cotton Cloth & Dip into Pure Alcohol Or water & clean the Printer Carriage.
  • Eject All Paper From paper try & Make sure No Debris is Left Inside the Printer.
  • If You Have Any Air Vacuum cleaner Please use the air Dry & clean the Printer.
  • Make sure Canon Printer is Configured as default Printer.
  • Printhead Must be clean & Free to Move Left & right & No Other Object os Blocking that.
  • Confirm that Ink cartridges have been Placed Properly Into the Cartridge Holder.
  • Plug Everything Back together & reconnect the Printer Back to The Power.

Try to Print & See if Canon Error 5100 has disappeared if this Not Fix the Problem Lets Head to More Advance Steps.

Lot of Canon Errors & There fixes are Quite Common Read More About Errors Such as How to fix canon error B203

Fix Canon Error 5100

Now Understand that Basic Steps Only Helps to Rectify Normal Malfunction However Advance steps are More Deep & Effective to Have the Targeted Impact So Follow them carefully to Eliminate Canon 5100 error.

Clean the Encoder Film

clean encoder film

The Plastic Strip inside the Printer top is Known as Timing Film Or Encoder Film. Sometimes Ink Mist & Bad Quality of Ink Cartridge spray Out the Ink Inside the Printer That May covers The Encoder File & effect its Performance  Many Canon users have Reported that Cleaning Encoder Film May solve this error Problem. Let’s Give it a Try – 

  • Use the Power Key to Turn Off the Printer & Disconnect From the Power Source.
  • Open the Printer Output cover & examine the encoder strip. 
  • Use Soft Cotton Balls Dipped In Pure Alcohol Or Water Mixed With Neutral Detergent to Clean the Encoder strip.

Note – Do Not Try to Take Out the Encoder Strip Out of the Printer Because it Fixed With Springs. Try not to dislocate it.

  • Make Sure No Drops of water Or Alcohol is left it Inside Keep it Open for FeW Minutes & Let it air Dry or Use a Dry Cotton to Remove any Of the Dust Or Water On the Strip.

Caution- Encoder Strip is Sensitive Part of the Printer Try Not Come Strongly on it Or Rub it Harshly. Apply Gentle Pressure & Make Sure not to Touch or Disturb Rail below the Encoder Strip 

  • Close the paper Output cover & Plug everything back together
  • Check Everythings & make sure everything is in Order Before making an effort to Print

See if these Steps Help You out clear the 5100 Error for Canon Printer & canon printer is out of error state

Clean & Reset Ink Absorber Pad

clean ink absorber

When Waste Ink Absorber is full We have to Clean it Manually to make sure That link absorber is Working & there is Error Or Overflow of ink inside the Printer.

Take a Pot Or Bowl & Fill it With warm Water Use Minimum of 1 Ltr of Warm But Not too Hot Water. You Can Also Use Neutral Detergent water and set it aside. Put on the Protective rubber gloves if possible. 

  • Turn Off the Printer & disconnect With Power Source & Take off the Printer Cover
  • Carefully Open the ink cartridge compartment. Based on your printer model, this compartment may be located On Back Or Front of the canon printer.
  •  Press the eject Key On top of Ink Cartridges & Wait for the ink cartridges to move all the way over,
  • Use a Touch or Light Source & Flash it under the ink cartridge assembly Carefully Look for a black rubber frame.
  •  this Black Rubber Frame contains the ink absorbing pads. depending On Your pas The number of pads may be different, Just take them all out.
  •  Gently pull the rubber frame out of the printer and remove the ink absorbing pads. 
  •  Put the pads in the bowl Under the Warm Water. Carefully rub and squeeze them to remove the ink.
  •  When the water becomes Coloured with ink, discard the Water the solution and refill the bowl Again with more warm, soapy water. Continue this procedure at least 3 Times until all ink is removed from the pads.
  • Gently squeeze excess water from the pads and place them on a stack of paper towels to dry You Can Try Sunlight or Try to Air Dry it as well.
  •  Leave the Pads At least for 2-3 Hours in Sunlight, Check the pads every hour to determine if they are dry. If the paper towels become saturated, change them out.
  • Carefully put the pads back in the rubber frame when they are completely dry. Re-install the Black Rubber frame in the printer.
  • Put Everything Back Together & be  Print Ready
  • Press and hold the “Power” button and reconnect the power cord. When the printer comes on, release the button. Wait for 10 seconds and push the “Power” button again. This may Reset the Printer internal Memory & Fix Your Canon Error 5100

Fix Corrupted Canon Driver

fix canon driver problem
  • If you doubt that Canon Driver has been outdated, Corrupted, Or Not Installed Properly Please Uninstall the canon Driver From the Installed Program List & Remove it as the Default Printer on your computer.
  • Once uninstalled please restart the computer & Go to the official Canon Website to Download the latest Available Software-based On Your Canon Printer Model Number & Install it As instructed. 
  • Set the Canon Printer as the default Printer & see if the Error 5100 has been disappeared 

This Should Also Help You fix The Canon 5100 error. One of these Methods Should definitely help you However if None of these Guides Helped Please Contact Canon Customer Helpline Or Get a New Printer. Let us know if you know any help with connecting the canon printer to mac computer.

We Don’t Recommend AnyOne Gamble on Repair Because It’s really not Worth it & risk is Not getting Problem Fixed For Long. We Leave that choice On You However if you Need Help Setting up New Canon Printer Or Help With Any Other Canon Error we are More than happy to help you fix the problem.

We thank You for reading at Please Leave your comment Or Feedback on Comments Or Contact Us For Any Other Query.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200?

How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200?

Getting An Printer error is Common Problem However Not handling the Printer error Promptly With Right Steps Can Cause you hours or Trouble & Possibly Printer Failure Too. To Resolve Any Technical Error In Printer We Need a Different Approach & Lots of  Patients. Canon Error B200 is a Common Error That Occurs Every Now & then But Good News is that it’s Easy to Fix. You May See Green & Orange Light Blinking 10 times in a Row & your Cartridge carriage gets stuck, That’s the signal for this Error B200. Today we will Cover Most Topics Related to Canon B200 Error for Example-

  • What is Canon Printer Error B200 & Why it Occurred?
  • Basic Steps to Troubleshoot Canon B200 Error.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting to Fix Canon Error B200

Now let’s Understand The Reason Behind the Problem then Try to Perform basic Troubleshooting  – 

Canon Printer Error B200

Mostly this Error Comes Because of Some Hardware Abnormality in Canon Printhead Or Cartridge Still Just to Be specific Lets List Out the reasons Behind B200 Error.

  • Faulty Or Incorrectly Installed Canon Printhead 
  • InkClogged or Dirt  in Printer Head 
  • Dried Out Or Problematic Ink Cartridges 
  • Corrupted Or Wrong version of Printer Driver

these issue make your canon printer in error state so lets start with basic troubleshooting.

Basic Troubleshooting 

Basic canon Printer Troubleshooting
  1. Turn Off the canon Printer & Open the Print Cover Bey Examine the Printhead Alignment & Carefully Take it Out(To Take our canon Printhead Lift the lever Located Beside the Cartridge Cradle).
  2. Clean the Printhead and Remove Any Dirt Or ink clog
  3. Insert the Cartridges Back to Printhead & Lock the Printer Head Lever back to Printer Carriage.
  4. Keep the Printer Cover Open & Turn On the Printer. Once the Print Head starts Moving Towards the Left Please Shut the cover Before it reaches Till End of the Left Side of the Printer. 
  5. Leave the Printer Power On and Let It Boot up all the settings. it’s easy to download driver & setup Canon Printer from the website.

Troubleshooting B200 With Printer Keys

In our Quest of Finding Solution, We Have Seen Lot of Users Reported that Using a Printer key Can Also Help fix Canon B200 Malfunction error. Try These Two combinations Of Key to Help you Fix the Error Code B200.

Power + Copy Key   Or Power + Home Key 

  1. Turn off the Canon Printer & Disconnect the Power Cord From Supply 
  2. Take Off the Printer Cover & Remove the Ink Cartridge & Printhead.
  3. Remove the Print Paper & Look for Any Debris, Paper Jam Or Foreign Object Or Obstruction, If You Find such Things Just take it Out of the Printer.
  4. Let it Cool Of For 5 Minutes While You Closely Examine the Canon Printer.
  5. Put Everything back together & Turn On the Printer & While its Half Booted Keep Pushing Power + Copy Key simultaneously Multiple Times.

If this Did Not Work Then Try Power + Home Key with the same Steps given Above. 
This Should Help You fix Canon B200 Error However if Canon Printer is still Showing B200 Error then Try More Advanced Steps – 

How to Fix Canon B200 Error

There is No Exact Cause of the Error B200 that’s Why Sometimes One solution Doesn’t Work Necessary for All the canon Printers Out there. Let’s Go Try Some More Cool Steps that Might Help- Also, Read How to Fix Canon Error 5100 related to canon printers.

Clean the Printhead  

clean Canon Print head
  • Turn off the Canon Printer & Remove the Printer Cover.
  • Lift the lever to Take out Printhead & remove the Cartridge From the Ink Holder.
  • Carefully Use Alcohol, Water, Or Less Sticky Oil Content With a Cotton Or Microfiber Cloth to clean the Printhead Pins Properly. Do it Gently because Printhead is a Sensitive Device that can be damaged easily. After Cleaning let it air dry for 5 Minutes & Plug it back in. 

See if that Works & Error B200 is Gone.

While Troubleshooting a lot of people Don’t Know How to Clean Printhead Properly & that Can Also be a factor Behind Not Getting the issue Fixed So First Clean the canon Printhead With Appropriate Necessary Materials. Once the Printhead the cleaned Properly Try Giving a shot again at the basic steps Given Above.

Uninstall & Reconfigure the Printer

uninstall Canon Driver

It’s Highly unlikely However there are chances that a Corrupted Or Incorrect Version of the Canon Printer driver Can Also cause the error So Please Uninstall the Printer driver & download the latest version of the Software based on your Printer Model Number.

Do Mind the Computer Architecture While Downloading the Software. For 64 & 32 Bit PC there are Different Versions of the Same Software. When you go to the official Canon Website You may find Canon Will auto-detect & download the Correct version on Software Based On Your computer Operating system. there is a similar error like canon B203 error that can relate to this similar problem.


replace canon Equipment
  • Replace Empty Or Dried Ink Cartridges & Always Buy Quality Ink Cartridge Direct From Canon.
  • Replacing Tank Holders Or Printhead may also solve the Issues.
  • Contact Canon Customer Support See if they have Got Any New Tricks Or They can Help You With Replacement.
  • visit Canon Community and see other people sharing issues and Possible Cause of the issue.

Sometimes Repair is not worth the Trouble & gamble if you can afford to Buy a New Canon Printer at a Cheap Price.
Hope this Guide Was Helpful or you can check out how to reset the Canon printer to default settings.

Just leave a Comment Or Contact Via Email or Form & Let us know your Feedback. If this Guide Did Really Help You fix the canon Error B200 Please share it & Do Spread the Word on Social Platforms. 
We Promise to Update this Guide as soon we Find any New Tips on the matter at hand. Do Let us know if you need Any Help Related to Canon Products, Our Unbiased & independent Expert team Will be able to Guide You in the right direction.