Error E02 & Error E03

How to Fix Canon Error E03 And E02?

This post is all about Canon Error E02 & E03 Its Support Codes. Did Your Canon Printer has Quit Reading On Paper Because of Canon error E02 Or If You Have Support Codes Such as – 

  • Support Code 1000
  • Support Code 3442
  • Canon Code 3443,Code 3444, Code 3445

On the Other Hand Error, E03 Represents Support Code 1203 & Code 1300

All these Support Codes Are Associated With E02 Error Code So let’s Get to Know the Problem Before we Begin to resolve it- 

What is  Error E02 & Error E03 

Both errors are Quite Similar In Regards of Symptoms & Fix so we decided to Help You fix it in the same Article. Error E02 is Mostly Related With Paper Problem & Error E03 Indicate Cover is Open Or Paper Jam. There Could  Other Factors to Play a Role in Generating these Errors So let’s List them Out Before We Explain How to Fix them- 

  • Paper Not Inserted Or Placed Properly 
  • Wrong Paper Size 
  • Overheating Or Voltage Temperature Issue 
  • The printer has Run Out of the Paper
  • Cover is Open
  • Overloaded Printer Numbers 
  • Incorrect Paper Type & size 
  • Duplex Printing 
  • Stuck Or Clogged Paper Roller Feed 

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Fix Canon Error E02 & E03

Starting With the Basic Move we are going to assist you to fix the issue. Understand that All this Problem Need is Little Troubleshooting With Care So Follow the Steps One by One – 

  • Turn Off the Canon Printer & disconnect it From the Power Outlet
turn off canon printer
  • Open the Printer Cover & Take Out All the Paper From the paper Trey
take the paper out
  • Use an Air Dryer to Remove Small Paper pieces & debris From Inside the Printer
  • You can select the Paper Size Using The Paper Size Key on the Printer Or Go to the Printer Properties & change it manually 
  • Let the Printer Cool Down a bit & Always Place it At Normal Temperature &  Keep it dry.

Clean Paper Feed Roller

clean Canon Paper Feed Roller
  • Use a Dry Cotton Ball Little dipped in soapy water to clean the Paper feed Roller  & then Brush it gently With Dry Cotton Cloth.
  • Plug everything back together & Keep the Papers Out for Now 
  • Restart the Printer & Once start Printer is Starting to Boot Again Please Press Maintenance key on the Printer Multiple time Back to back.
  • Printer Roller Will start Rolling & Since there is No Paper in it Will be just a Test Run To Ensure Roller is Not Jam.
  • Press the Copy  Key 2 Times Once Your Printer is In Maintenance Mode & You Can Confirm it By Seeing B in Printer LED Display 
  • Now Press the Stop Or Reset Key to Stop the Process & restart the Printer. you can also reset canon printer to default settings.

Fix Paper Problem

Always Use the Correct Size & Number Of Papers, Check Your Printer Manual & Make sure what type of Paper your Printer Print On.

  • If the Printer Cover is Open it may Send the Signal Out as an error.
  • Press Ok Key Multiple Times to fix the issue.
  • Insert the paper Inside the Printer & Make sure the Paper is Aligned 
  • Clear the paper path & Make sure Roller is Feeding the Paper & Nothing is Blocking it.
  • Don’t Forget to Close the Printer Cover Properly & Try to Print Using Printer again.

If All of this did not solve the Canon error E03 Or E02 then it could be the Print head So Give it a Shot to Troubleshoot the Printer. Sometimes the canon printer is in an error state that might confuse or give out a false alarm.

Clean the Print head

  1. Turn Off the printer & take out the Power Cable.
disconnect printer from power
  1. Pull off the Printer Cover & ink cartridge Gently from the ink Holder.
  2. Remove the Carriage & Clean the Printhead With Hot Water.
  3. Plug everything back to the Printer & See if the error is disappeared. 

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See this Helps you fix the Canon error E03 & Error E02. Please Do Contact Canon Customer service  If you need Any Further help Related To Canon Printer Errors.

Comment Below & let us know if have any Feedback Or Suggestion Until Then Cheers 

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