Brother Printer Wifi Setup in Easy Way

Installing, configuring, and getting printers to work with Wi-Fi and other means should be the piece of cake with the right steps. this article will help you with brother printer wifi setup in an easy way.

in this article we will explore all possible ways to get your brother printer integrated with your system. we will cover all aspects of brother printer setup and frequently asked questions. before you connect brother’s printer to Wi-Fi please set up the printer first.

Note:- Same Methods Can be used to setup and configure old or new brother printers. use similar steps for installation with almost any series of brother printers for home and Small business use.

Required Supplies

Now installing a printer would require certain things and supply’s please make sure you have the objects mentioned below-

  • USB Or Ethernet Cable (For Wired Setup)
  • Ink cartridges and power cable
  • Wi-Fi Router or access point (for Wi-Fi Setup)

Pre-installation preparation

Please Perform the steps Given before we go further for Brother Printer setup.

  • Please Uninstall Any Prior installed Printer driver to avoid conflicts.
  • Unbox the Printer and connect power cable.
  • Install the ink cartridges and place the paper in paper trey.
  • Make sure the print heads are aligned.
  • Keep the Usb cable that came with printer. (For USB Setup)
  • Find an Ethernet cable. (optional)

How to setup Brother Printer ?

To setup Brother Printer there are multiple ways you can go about such as –

  1. Setup Using USb Cable
  2. Install With Wi-Fi
  3. Ethernet Cable setup

USB Cable Method to Setup brother Printer

This method is not quite popular since technology has evolved a lot and the many easy other options are available such as Wi-Fi direct method, WPS Push methods but if the installation software require or you want to do it old school style Please follow the steps:-

Use the USB cable that came with the printer or is compatible with the printer. Connect the first end of the cable to the printer USB port and the second end to the computer Ethernet port.

connect brother printer to laptop

Go to the computer and make sure it’s connected with an active internet connection then open the internet Browser the go to the brother website and select your region and language. for example, the united states go to this link for the official brother printer website.

brother website

Look on the Printer box or Printer for model Number and type the exact model number of the printer and then search for the compatible driver and click on the Full driver and package.

brother printer driver
download brother driver
brother printer setup

Open and Run the downloaded setup file to begin the setup process and make sure the printer is turned on and ready to configure.

Software console will prompt please select language and accept the terms of software then click next.

select language

In the Next step please Select the Local Connection (USB) Method and hit next. and make sure the computer is connected to the printer using the USB cable.     

brother printer setup type

Now choose the standard method and click next and wait for the process to set up.

Once the Process is finished Print a test page to make sure it’s configured successfully.

Brother Printer Setup Using Wifi?

This method is quite similar to the USB method except you don’t Need the USB to make the connection between the printer and the WIFI network. Here is how you do it –

  • Place the Printer with the range of wifi network.
  • use the laptop computer with wifi feature to connect the wireless printer with computer first.
  • Download the printer software and run the software to install it as mentioned in the steps above in first method.
  • This time instead of wired connection use the wireless connection as setup method and follow the on screen instructions.

Now there is one more easy way to connect brother printer to wifi please follow the steps and get it done using the simpler method.

Brother Printer Setup With Ethernet Cable

Setting up a brother printer with the router using an Ethernet cable is pretty much the same as using the USB cable however it has greater benefits like once your brother printer is connected and configured with the router using an Ethernet cable you can print from any device which is connected to the router.

Required Supply’s and reinstallation requirements are the same. just make sure you have an active internet and configured router/extender/access point to connect with.

Turn on the Printer and Connect the Printer Ethernet port with Router Lan Port(Ethernet) Using Ethernet Cable.

connect printer to router
  • Make Sure the Computer is Connected to the Router and have active internet
  • Download the Printer Software as instructed In first Method (USB Cable Method) Above
  • Run the Software and Follow on screen instructions and select wired Network Connection (Ethernet) when asked.
connect brother printer with cable
  • Finish installation process as recommended on screen.

do checkout more information on brother printer setup without cable and see if the information helps.

in case you looking to log in brother printer password do find the default brother printer password for access and login.

Please comment below and let us know if you need any other help with the brother printer wifi setup. contact support with any error or problem with brother printer support.

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