Brother Printer Default Password For Login

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Hello Friends

are you trying to login brother printer web based console ? if yes then you would be in need of default brother printer password however the default password may not work if you have changed it in first place or if you have misconfigured the settings

in this article we will answer all of your questions related to brother printer login, brother printer ip address or how to manage settings in regard with password of printer.

Tips – many people confuse brother printer password with WIFI password and that not accurate because these two are different things. please Read this post till last to find everything out-

What is Brother Printer default Password ?

brother printer password is required to access brother web based management console. if you have print server or if you need to update brother printer firmware then it is mandatory for login. it is used for BRAdmin, network card and remote setup and management. if you looking to join wifi network with printer then refer how to connect brother printer to Wifi How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi article.

by default brother printer password is initpass or access but some models of printer may use Pwd as the default password. one can try any of then one by one to make sure which one may work for you.

to make sure you can also print a network configuration report from your printer which is going to help you find the brother printer password and printer(machine’s ip address as well)

How to Print Network Configuration Report?

there are many ways to print the brother network configuration page however we will show you the easiest way to do it –

Use The Go Key – turn on the Printer and locate the Go Key at the printer control panel.

  • Press the Go Key and gold it for 10 seconds
  • release the Go key once it starts printing.
  • it will print the network configuration report.

there is another way of doing it-

  • Restart the printer and let it load all the settings for 1 minute
  • press the Go Key 3 times in 2 seconds and printer will start printing the printer settings report

in case your Printer does not have Go Key Please Look for the Test key follow the steps-

  • make sure printer is tuned on and working (not in sleep Mode)
  • locate the test key and press it for 2 seconds
  • it should print the configuration report.

Now many users may look for other way to try this method if above two don’t work because you may have single or two line LCD printers. now one can use printer front panel for this-

Use Printer Front Panel:

For Single Line LCD Printers:

  • Press the ‘+’ key until you see “INFORMATION”
  • Now Press the ‘SET’ key
  • Please Use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys until you see “PRINT SETTINGS”
  • Press the ‘SET’ key and the print configuration pages are printed.

Two Line LCD Printers:

  • Press the ‘+‘ key until you see “MENU” “INFORMATION
  • Please Press the ‘SET‘ key
  • Use the ‘+‘ or ‘‘ keys until you see “INFORMATION” “PRINT SETTINGS
  • Now Press the ‘SET’ key and the print configuration pages are printed.

we have explained almost all of the methods to retrieve brother printer configuration report. please try them and one of them should work.

How to use Brother Printer password ?

one your print all the details you will have the details such as printer ip address and password now in next steps use it to access brother printer web console.

  • make sure printer is turned on and working.
  • Please open any web browser such as google chrome or Firefox
  • Now Please type in http://printers IP address in the browser address bar. The print server name can also be used in some machines.
  • when asked type the default password such as initpass or Pwd
  • click on submit and you should be log in to brother printer.

once logged in you can manage the settings of your printer from the web based console.

How to change Brother Printer default password ?

for prevent the unauthorize access or strong security please change the default password. use the above steps to access the console and once you are log into the brother printer web based console please follow these steps-

  • Go to the Administrator tab or Login password option
  • enter the new password and then reinter the new password
  • click on the Submit Key and it would change the default password for your brother printer.

you can always reset and setup brother printer anytime you wish and start all over again.

that’s all for this peace of information. contact us for any other help related with printer to solve the further trouble.

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